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pdf A Companion to Contemporary Art Since 1945.pdf11.74 MB
pdf A Companion to Medieval Art Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe.pdf13.81 MB
pdf A Concise Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Drama.pdf1.05 MB
pdf A Portrait of the Visual Arts - Meeting the challenges of a new era.pdf1.41 MB
pdf Aesthetics and the Foundation of Interpretation.pdf418.5 KB
pdf After Modern Art 1945-2000.pdf35.14 MB
pdf Art and Architecture of the Worlds Religions.pdf11.23 MB
pdf ART AND ILLUSION.pdf33.35 MB
pdf Art and Knowledge.pdf656.95 KB
pdf Art and Obscenity.pdf1.18 MB
pdf Art and Science.pdf2.15 MB
pdf Art and Thought.pdf1.37 MB
pdf Art Explained.pdf78.86 MB
pdf Art in Focus.pdf39.51 MB
pdf Art in Its Time - Theories and Practices of Modern Aesthetics.pdf3.27 MB
pdf Art in its Time ~ Theories and Practices of Modern Aesthetics.pdf3.27 MB
pdf Art in Theory 1900-1990 ~ An anthology.pdf63.89 MB
pdf Art, Space and the City ~ Public art and urban figures.pdf5.08 MB
pdf Artists in exile.pdf1.87 MB
pdf Artists of the Renaissance.pdf1.97 MB
pdf Beauty and Art. 1750-2000.pdf16.94 MB
pdf Beauty and Islam Aesthetics in Islamic Art.pdf30.35 MB
pdf Beholding the sacred mysteries - Programs of the Byzantine sanctuary.pdf118.95 MB
pdf Beyond vision - Essays on the perception of art.pdf13.44 MB
pdf Christian Art A Very Short Introduction.pdf4.33 MB
pdf Classical Mythology A Very Short Introduction.pdf4.38 MB
pdf Conceptual Art - A critical anthology.pdf2.66 MB
pdf Concerning the Spiritual in Art.pdf217.84 KB
pdf Confronting Images.pdf14.56 MB
pdf Contemporary Art - A Very Short Introduction.pdf3.22 MB
pdf Contemporary Art and Memory.pdf3.53 MB
pdf Contemporary Theatres in Europe - A Critical Companion.pdf1.68 MB
pdf Creating the 'divine' artist ~ From Dante to Michelangelo.pdf2.9 MB
pdf Dada and Surrealism A Very Short Introduction.pdf4.3 MB
pdf Dancing from Past to Present - Nation culture identities.pdf4.53 MB
pdf Early Netherlandish Paintings.pdf16.33 MB
pdf Erotic Ambiguities; The Female Nude In Art (2001).pdf2.67 MB
pdf Eyewitness companion to art.pdf105.52 MB
pdf Facts and Artifacts ~ Art in the Islamic World.pdf14.07 MB
pdf Fifty Contemporary Choreographers.pdf2.43 MB
pdf Gertrude Stein's Avant-Garde Theater.pdf4.07 MB
pdf Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z .pdf4.27 MB
pdf Greek Art From Prehistoric To Classical (Metropolitan Museum).pdf3.2 MB
pdf Greek Theories of Art and Literature down to 400 BC.pdf2.22 MB
pdf Icons of American Architecture - From the Alamo to the World Trade Center.pdf5.58 MB
pdf Ideas that shaped buildings.pdf5.35 MB
pdf In the Footsteps of Popes.pdf3.73 MB
pdf Key Writers on Art - From Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century.pdf1.29 MB
pdf Knowing Art - Essays in Aesthetics and Epistemology.pdf1.17 MB
pdf Late Antique and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean World.pdf8.47 MB
pdf Living Architecture.pdf78.58 MB
pdf Minimal Art.pdf65.92 MB
pdf Modern Art - A Very Short Introduction.pdf3.59 MB
pdf Modern Theories of Art 2 From Impressionis.pdf1.91 MB
pdf Museum Politics.pdf1.75 MB
pdf Nature and Culture - American Landscape and Painting 1825-1875.pdf4.64 MB
pdf Of the Sublime and Beautiful.pdf261.75 KB
pdf On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art.pdf14.45 MB
pdf One Place After Another - Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity.pdf12.11 MB
pdf Panofsky - Studies in Iconology.pdf46.97 MB
pdf Patronizing the Arts.pdf734.02 KB
pdf Photography. A Very Short Introduction.pdf2.6 MB
pdf Picturing the Self Changing Views of the Subject in Visual Culture.pdf3.66 MB
pdf Please Pay Attention Please - Bruce Nauman's Words (Writings and Interviews).pdf12.87 MB
pdf Pop art.pdf12.51 MB
pdf Portraiture.pdf19.37 MB
pdf Readings in Latin American Modern Art.pdf1.25 MB
pdf Reflections on De Chirico and Arte Metafisica.pdf4.23 MB
pdf Rembrandt, reputation, and the practice of connoisseurship.pdf2.91 MB
pdf Renaissance Art - A Very Short Introduction.pdf4.81 MB
pdf Surrealism and Architecture.pdf25.84 MB
pdf Surrealist painters and poets.pdf31.81 MB
pdf The 100 most influential painters and sculptors of the renaissanc.pdf7.29 MB
pdf The Aesthetics of architecture.pdf5.25 MB
pdf The Aesthetics of Nietzsche and Camus.pdf1.01 MB
pdf The Art Of The Portrait .pdf105.14 MB
pdf The art of theater.pdf5.14 MB
pdf The Blackwell Companion to Art Theory.pdf3.27 MB
pdf The Continental Aesthetics Reader.pdf2.69 MB
pdf The Genealogy of the Romantic Symbol.pdf1.51 MB
pdf The Golden Legend.pdf4.72 MB
pdf The Golden Section.pdf89.62 MB
pdf The Last Judgment - Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissance.pdf2.46 MB
pdf The Limbourg Brothers.pdf20.43 MB
pdf The Marvellous Works of Nature and Man.pdf15.76 MB
pdf The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.pdf1 MB
pdf The Odyssey of an artist in the age of revolution.pdf2.21 MB
pdf The Postmodern Scene - Excremental Culture And Hyper-Aesthetics.pdf21.19 MB
pdf The Private Worlds.pdf6.79 MB
pdf The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics.pdf2.34 MB
pdf The Science of Paintings.pdf67.3 MB
pdf The Spirit of Secular Art.pdf2.61 MB
pdf The Structure of Paintings.pdf3.16 MB
pdf The Theater of Transformation - Postmodernism in American Drama.pdf5.97 MB
pdf The Theatre Guide - A comprehensive a-z of the world's best plays and playwrights.pdf10.14 MB
pdf Theory and the Artist's Reputation.pdf9.53 MB
pdf Understanding Early Christian Art.pdf54.11 MB
pdf Visions of Heaven - The Dome in European Architecture.pdf34.55 MB
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